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Periscope inc.

"Periscope inc." is an online game template that takes the player outside to explore his environment. Our assigment was to design a game that would help the player understand the unique watersystem of Leidsche Rijn.

We've created a platform game that takes place in the ground below Leidsche Rijn. In order to proceed in the game, players have to go outside in the real world to find clues. The world below- and aboveground are connected with periscopes. When the player looks into a periscope in the online portion of the game, he will see the location of the clue in the real world.

In this project I was responsible for game- and leveldesign. My challenge was to create puzzles that demonstrated the workings of the watersystem.



Joep Aben (gamedesign, leveldesign)
Aeshta van Dam (research, 2d art)
Rajiv Krijnen (Programming)
Rik de Rooy (Project management)
Marije de Wit (Head art)
Jantine van Doorn (management assistent)

Contact: mail@jajaben.com