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Overleven op drakeneiland

"Overleven op drakeneiland" is a game for kids ages 8 to 10. The game had to be complementary to the children's books series "Drakeneiland" by Dutch writer Lydia Rood. The books focus heavily on social interaction, so we developed a cardgame that does the same. The game simulates the social structure of the island where the books take place. The players get to 'live' on the island they read about in the books.
The game also has a digital companion, built in Adobe AIR, that tracks the player's stats by scanning the cards via a webcam, these stats are then used as a 'karma' system where the computer reacts to the players' actions.

In this project I was part of the design team. I focussed on experimenting with the rules of the game to give the game the same feel as the books, and to offer the player a new way to experience Lydia Rood's world of "Drakeneiland". I learned a lot about using gameplay rules to create a speciffic experience.



Joep Aben
Rian Franssen
Sherida Halatoe

2d art:
Tim Hengeveld
Arthur Koopmans

Jasper Saaltink

Contact: mail@jajaben.com